Tampa Coin

Tampa Coin-1-01

Tampa Bay's Official Cryptocurrency

What is Tampa Coin?

Tampa Coin Spin

Open-source, transparent, peer-to-peer digital currency for the Tampa Bay area.

Get Started with TPA

We are listed on Uniswap.org

Go to Uniswap.orgVisit Uniswap.org to get started

Connect App to Get Started

Step 2 - Launch UniswapNavigate to Connect App to get started

Connect Your Wallet

Connect to Wallet

We recommend Metamask.

Select TPA from List on Uniswap

Import TPA so that you can start trading.

Select Token

Manage Token List

Navigate to the bottom of the menu and select Manage Token Lists

Import TPA Token Address

Manage Token List


Select Tokens and use copy and paste the following address:

Confirm Token Import

Manage Token List


Import TPA so that you can begin trading.

Trust Us We are Just Getting Started

Import TPA

Make us an active token by trading Tampa Coin.  Let's grow this community.

Buy Tampa Coin

Buy Tampa Coin

Only 1 Billion Tampa Coins were minted, get in now while they are still available.